Owner and Director

I am a lifelong animal lover and have experience of dealing with a variety of different dog breeds. You can rest assured that I am a confident and experienced dog handler who will treat your dog as if they were my own. I am committed to providing a reliable and trustworthy service to give my clients peace of mind that their dogs will be in good care.

I am passionate about learning and spend almost all of my spare time attending courses and seminars to continue my professional development and be up to date on with all the latest view points on dog behaviour and dog training. I am a fully qualified dog trainer with the Professional Association of Canine Trainers.

I opened HoundsLand in October 2015 after many years of studying dogs and assisting in dog training classes and in other day care centres. My passion to provide dogs with the best possible care is obvious to see, we like to think we have a fab set up here to accommodate your dogs and give them everything that they need to be a well rounded and sociable dog.

rosie ashby
Doggy Day Care Assistant

Growing up my young days were spent walking dogs with my dad and since studying Animal management at Berkshire College of Agriculture I have known my passion lies with working with dogs.

After leaving college I starting working with Explosive Detection Dogs learning about how to train them, as well as being the full time carer of their puppies. I spent months with the puppies socialising them and teaching them about the world, and they all went on to become successful working dogs. After this I moved on to become a security dog handler working with one dog and teaching him how to do his job.

Since working at HoundsLand I have learned all about working with dogs in the non working environment and have loved every minute of it! I really enjoy meeting all the different kinds of breeds and personalities and I love spending my days walking, training and playing with them! I hope to carry on improving my knowledge of dogs and dog behaviour while doing the job I have always wanted.